Author: Traci Taglione
  • Identify three modern-day countries the Maya live in
  • Analyze the" I Am From" poem to determine resources found in the environment and societal roles
  • Determine why the Maya declined, roles they play in today's society, and why they developed an accurate calendar from the video
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I Am From…..


I am from the densely forested jungles of Central America's Yucatan Peninsula,

A society ruled by elite religious leaders,

Gods that are visible in the stars, sun, and moon,

Flat-topped pyramids for religious ceremonies and human sacrifice. 



I am from jade statues, turquoise jewelry, and jaguar pelts transported by water,

Cramped oval huts with thatched roofs for commoners to live in,

Planting maize, beans, and sweet potatoes,

 Stone monuments build by prisoners of war.  



I am from ballgames to wrestling and feasting,

A number system that includes a zero,

Obsidian, black volcanic glass,  to make spear heads and ceramics,

Outdoor markets to trade maize for cotton, deer meat, and salt.



I am from pictograms to represent ideas and sounds,

A 365 day calendar to keep track of time,

A number of different states or chiefdoms,

A civilization that declined for unknown reasons.

Source: T. Taglione

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Source: You Tube

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