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MBA 5101 Unit III Assignment

MBA 5101 Unit III Assignment

Author: l marshall

Review both Milton Friedman's “Traditional View of Business Responsibility” (p. 72) and Archie Carroll's “Four Responsibilities of Business” (p. 72-73) in the textbook, and develop an understanding of their ethical principles. You are also welcome and encouraged to research them using outside sources. You are to compare the two theories and create a PowerPoint presentation on your comparative study. Your PowerPoint presentation should include the following elements:  Slide 1: Title page  Slides 2-3: A summary of Milton Friedman's main points  Slides 4-5: A summary of Archie Carroll's main points  Slide 6: Which principles would you like implemented at your current place of work (or where you wish to work in the future), and why?  Slides 7-8: Provide two detailed examples of organizations where you believe that Friedman's theories are applied.  Slides 9-10: Provide two detailed examples of organizations where you believe that Carroll's theories are applied.  Slide 11: List of sources using APA guidelines

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