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MBA 6951 Unit VII Final Project

MBA 6951 Unit VII Final Project

Author: l marshall

Final Project
For this final assignment, you are to create a PowerPoint Presentation that discusses the project management process with a focus on effectiveness and ways teams can prevent some of the pitfalls to a project. Here is an outline of items you should address:
The purpose of a project proposal
 The project scope document
 The importance of estimating costs, budget, and earned value
 Risk management, risk mitigation, and risk response
 Communication between the project team, project manager, and the stakeholders
 The importance of the project manager
Additionally, you should include at least two points that you believe are important to project management. These should relate to the course objectives with a thoughtful, critical mindset. Overall, this presentation should be a reflection of your knowledge regarding project management.
The presentation should include a minimum 20-25 slides and a business professional look, with Times New Roman, 12- point font. Any sources used should be appropriately cited using APA style writing

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