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MBA 6961 Unit VII Project

MBA 6961 Unit VII Project

Author: l marshall

Unit VII Project
Use the project you have been working on in Units III and VI to conduct a preliminary risk analysis of your project. Please use a qualitative and a quantitative technique to evaluate project risk. The total assignment is worth 100 points. Please submit as one document. Please see the sample risk analysis on page 224 in the textbook. A minimum of three typed pages is required.
1. Generate a set of likely risk factors, and discuss them in terms of probability and consequences. (20 points)
2. Use a qualitative technique to evaluate project risk. (20 points)
3. Use a quantitative technique to evaluate project risk. (20 points)
4. Develop preliminary strategies for risk mitigation. (20 points)
5. Create a Resource-leveling table for your assigned project. Please see complete description on page 378 in the textbook. (20 points)

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