Mean, Median, and Mode

Mean, Median, and Mode

Author: Al Greene

To define the terms mean, median, and mode, how they are used in statistics, and introduce new terminology such as resistant vs. nonresistant and outlier.

This packet has a powerpoint with all the definitions you will use and a few examples. Below that, there is a video of guided practice problems dealing with mean, median, and mode.

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What will be covered in this packet

This packet will discuss mean, median, and mode in the statistical sense. It will review the algebraic definitions of these terms, along with some new ones:

  • resistant vs. nonresistant
  • outlier
  • distribution of a variable

Source: Greene

Mean, Median, and Mode

This powerpoint reviews the terms mean, median, and mode. It describes how they are used in statistics, defines the terms resistant and nonresistant, and describes how these measures of center can describe a distribution of a variable.

Source: Greene

Practice with mean, median, and mode

Here are a couple of examples to test your mettle about mean, median, and mode.

Source: Greene