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4 Tutorials that teach Mean, Median, and Mode by Katherine Williams
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Mean, Median, and Mode by Katherine Williams

Mean, Median, and Mode by Katherine Williams

Author: Sophia Tutorial

Calculate the mean, median, or mode of a distribution.

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Terms to Know

The "average" value of a data set. It is obtained by dividing the sum of the values by the number of values in the set.


The value that is in the "middle" of a data set when the set is arranged from least to greatest.

Median Class

The bin that contains the median value. This is the most precise measurement we can obtain when we are looking at data that have already been categorized.


The most frequently appearing number in a set of quantitative data or most frequently occurring category in a set of qualitative data.

Summation Notation

A notation that uses the Greek letter sigma to state that values should be added together.

Weighted Mean/Average

A way of calculating a mean when not all the values count for the same amount. Each value should be multiplied by its weight and added together, then divide the sum by the sum of the weights.

Formulas to Know

m e a n equals fraction numerator x subscript 1 plus x subscript 2 plus x subscript 3 plus midline horizontal ellipsis plus x subscript n over denominator n end fraction equals 1 over n stack sum x subscript i with i equals 1 below and n on top