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Mean, Median, Mode, & Range

Mean, Median, Mode, & Range

Author: Staci Stephens

1. At the end of this lesson, students will be able to find the mean, median, mode and range of a set of data. 

2. At the end of this lesson, students will verbally describe the procedures for finding the mean, median, mode and range of a set of data. 

This tutorial contains three days of lessons covering mean, median, mode, and range.  Students will watch videos and complete questions within google forms independently as homework, in preparation for the next day's in-class activities.  In class activities will challenge students to apply understanding from video lessons to solve problems. 

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Day 1 - In Class

Create foldable to organize information about mean, median, mode, and range. 

This foldable was created in class, but if you were absent or lost your foldable.  Use the directions below to create the foldable before viewing videos and taking notes. 


Step 1 - The corners of a sheet of paper are folded up to meet the opposite sides and the top is cut off, making a square sheet of paper with diagonal creases. 

Step 2 - The four corners of the square are folded into the center.

Step 3- Label each of the four sections with our four vocabulary words: Mean, Median, Mode, Range. 



Day 1 - Homework

As you watch the video fill in notes on the foldable created in class.  After each section, pause the video and make sure you have notes recorded for each of our four words: mean, median, mode, range.  


Mean, Median, Mode, Range Introduction

WSQ: Mean, Median, Mode, Range

Day 2 - In Class

  • STACKED!  - Challenge activity with your groups
  • You make the Call!  - You are hired by the Aggie Baseball Team to analyze player statistics from the 2012-2013 baseball season.  In analyzing this data, you will be able to help the coaches make more informed decisions on which players should start this season.  

Day 2 - Homework

Based on the activities you completed in class with your group, re-watch any portions of the video above that you feel you need more help with.  

Add these visuals of each vocabulary word to your notes to help you remember the difference in each concept:

Mean, Median, Mode, Range Vocabulary

WSQ: Mean, Median, Mode, Range Part II

Day 3 - In Class

Mean, Median, Mode, Range Menu Activities 

Day 3 - Homework

Watch the videos posted below.  In each video, I am working the video as a student and make some type of mistake.  Oops!  Write down when I make a mistake, what I've done wrong, and how you would help me fix it.  Be prepared to discuss these ideas with your table groups at the beginning of class tomorrow. I have included a PDF document you can use to organize your thoughts/ideas if needed.

Mean, Median, Mode, Range Mistakes

Math Mistakes: Mean, Median, Mode, Range