Measures of Variation

Measures of Variation

Author: Cassandra Shaw

Introduce the new terms listed below:

• Range
• Interquartile Range (IQR)
• Standard Deviation
• Variance
• Range Rule of Thumb
• Empirical Rule
• Chebyshev’s Theorem
• Coefficient of Variation

Give examples so that the learner can practice distinguishing between the new terms. At this point, the following topics are presumed to be prior knowledge. However, a link to an appropriate review packet may be useful in some cases.
• Data
• Histogram
• Frequency Distribution

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Explains the different measures of variation with examples.

Measures of Variation with the Calculator

Explains how to find the measures of variation with the TI 83/84 Calculator.

Measures of Variation

Discusses the different Rules and Theorems for measures of variation. Includes coefficient of variation (CV).