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3 Tutorials that teach Measuring Memory and Remembering: Forgetting
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Measuring Memory and Remembering:   Forgetting

Measuring Memory and Remembering: Forgetting

Author: Jocelyn Starkey

This lesson will explain forgetting and describe the strategies used to avoid it.

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Terms to Know
Curve of Forgetting

A graph created by Herman Ebbinghaus that shows that people immediately begin forgetting large amounts of information up to 2 days after learning, then forgetting slows down between 6 and 31 days, after which, it remains relatively stable.

Encoding Failure

The inability to form a memory and store it in the long-term memory.


A way of keeping information in a person's short term memory, where the person says it to himself or herself and practices it, which puts it back into the short term memory for longer times.