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Mechanics of Materials

Mechanics of Materials

Author: Miguel Ramirez

This Tutorial provides Basic and Advanced concepts about Mechanics of Materials. It also emphasize the mathematical Tensor concept. Basic Mechanics of Materials concepts will be required for the RET project: Statistical Analysis of the Effectiveness of NiTiNb-CFRP Composite Patches to Rehabilitate Steel Structures

This Turorial Links two Playlists to YouTube:

- Michel van Biezer: Phisics: Stress and Strain Basics (16 videos)

- Yhen Wang; Mechanics of Materials (24 videos)

Contaisns also links to videos explaining the concept of Tensor 

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Crack propagation, finite elements by kinnala

Source: kinnala at YouTube:

Crack propagation through the grain boundary by houfu fan

Source: hofu fan at YouTube:

17 exemples de simulations numériques par éléments finis (Abaqus) by EC2 Modélisation

Source: EC2 Modélisation at YouTube:

Cracking with Holes by Lukasz Kaczmraczyk

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Ductile and Brittle by PurdueMET

Source: PurdueMET at YouTube:

Physics - Mechanics: Stress and Strain Basics. by Michel Van Biezen

These 16 Video-lectures contain High School level explanations of the Stress and Strain concepts, as well as Shear Stress, Young's Modulus, Compressibility, and Bulk Modulus

Material Stress and Strain by CivBenBennett

Source: CivBenBennett at YouTube:

Young's modulus and Hooke's Law by CivBenBennett

Source: CivBenBennett at YouTube:

Mechanics of Materials by Yiheng Wang

This is a College level Mechanics of Materials Course, consisting in 24 Video-lectures by Dr Yiheng Wang at Danville Community College

EGR 246 Mechanics of Materials

3D Stress Tensor Rotation, by Dragonfly Education

Source: Dragonfly at YouTube:

Introduction to the Stress Tensor, Zachary Arredondo

Source: Zachary Arredondo at YouTube:

Physical Significance of the Stress Tensor, By Zachary Arredondo

Source: Zachary Arredondo at YouTube:

What's a Tensor?, by Dan Fliesh

Source: Dan Fliesh at YouTube:

Stress Definition and tensor by keithjbowman

Stress Definition and Tensor p.2 by keithjbowman

Source: keithjbowman at YouTube: