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Media and Body Image

Media and Body Image

Author: Shaun G


-ASCA & Behavioral Mindsets (1:6) positive attitude towards learning, (2:4) apply self-motivation and self-direction towards learning, (2:5) apply media and technology skills.


-Students will increase their understanding of how mass media can manipulate body image(s) and how those messages of body image can influence the perception of what the ideal body image is in society.

-Student will increase in their personal awareness of the effect which media body image might create towards their own personal, perception of body image, value, and esteem.

-Students learn useful ways to improve or enhance body image.

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What is Body Image?

Body Image & Disordered Eating

Body image is the perception that a person has of their physical self and the thoughts and feelings that result from that perception.

These feelings can be positive, negative or both and are influenced by individual and environmental factors.

The Evolution of Body Image in Media

This video shows how body images in the media can be manipulated and distorted to audiences.

Beauty Standards Around the World- Women/Girls

Watch the video learn about Photoshop manipulation.

Beauty Standards Around the World- Men/Boys

This video provides statistical facts about the perception of men's beauty standards and objectification from around the world.

Teen Age Girls Body Image Statistics

2013 Psychological Study

Ways to Improve Body Image- Parents

Here are useful ways your parents can help improve your positive body image:

1. Model a Positive Body Image

Parents should focus on healthy behaviors, feelings, and beliefs. For instance, parents should praise positive qualities about their kids. One way parents can accomplish this is by changing the language or their choice of words in conversations. Instead of talking about being "fat" or not being "skinny"; parents should talk about how proud they are of their child's abilities to do better and overcome challenges.

2. Discuss "Sometimes" vs. "Always" Foods.

Again, it is important to use language that approaches the situation with a positive attitude. Instead of categorizing foods as "good" vs. "bad" or "healthy" vs. "unhealthy". Have your parents use "sometimes" foods and "always" foods. This will provide better conversations that let kids know that some foods are better eaten in smaller quantities and other foods are always useful and necessary for growth. 

3. Practice "Self-Attuned Eating."

This is the process of learning to trust feelings of hunger and fullness. It is important to recognize feelings of being satisfied with meals. Parents and children should practice this together and discuss the feelings they get before and after their meals together. Sometimes there are foods that make us feel fulfilled in the moment, but later make us feel tired and upset.

4. Talk About Empty vs. Full Stomachs.

Discussions how food affects the digestive system and the body. This is similar to self-attuned eating, but parents should discuss how the body's immune system is powered by the quality of their foods. This is as simple as asking their kids how their bodies feel at the moment. These feelings could range from stomachs feelings empty and "growly" to stomachs feelings full and "heavy". Again, parents should pay close attention to how certain foods impact the feelings of the body and behaviors of their kids.

5.Involve Children in the Lunch-Making Process.

Be involved with creating meals with parents. Have your parents discuss different food groups and attempt to implement different types and combinations of food into your meals. For instance, whenever you go grocery shopping with your parents, have them explain foods and involve you in picking the foods. Again, discussion of how the body has at least a minimum set of nutritional and vitamin requirements important for growth and change. 

Ways to Improve Body Image- Students

This video provides wonderful tools to improve body image.

Google Survey- Big Question

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