Media - Persuasive Techniques and Propaganda

Media - Persuasive Techniques and Propaganda


Students will be able to identify and define the following types of propaganda techniques:

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Students will be able to analyze advertising media in terms of its use of persuasive techniques and propaganda.

In this tutorial, you will learn how advertisers use (sometimes misleading) strategies to persuade an audience.

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Research - What is propaganda?

Perform a google inquiry to find the definition of propaganda, then complete the quiz on the right.

Propaganda Techniques - Video 1 (Watch Until 4:50)

Advertisers have an array of techniques that they use to persuade audiences. These are known as "propaganda techniques." Watch the video below to learn about several of these techniques.

Propaganda Techniques - Video 2 (Watch until 4:00)

Effective advertisements may use one of these propaganda techniques, or it may use more than one. Watch the examples in the video below to see these techniques in action.

Apply Your Knowledge of Propaganda

Find three examples (different from the examples in the above video) of print or video advertisements that use at least three of the six propaganda techniques you learned about above. YOUR THREE ADVERTISEMENTS MUST USE AT LEAST THREE DIFFERENT PROPAGANDA TECHNIQUES. When you find them, past the image or hyperlink to the video in a Google doc and share it with your instructor. In the Google doc, answer the following three questions about each advertisement:

1. In your own words, name and define the propaganda technique(s) used in this advertisement.

2. What is the intended effect of this propaganda technique on the viewer?

3. Is this propaganda technique used effectively in this advertisement? Why or why not?