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Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance

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Discuss insurance with the patient.

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what's covered
In this lesson, you will learn how to discuss medical insurance with patients in Spanish. Specifically, this lesson will cover:
  1. El Seguro Médico (Medical Insurance)

1. El Seguro Médico (Medical Insurance)

There will be times when you will need to talk to patients about their insurance coverage. The following expressions can help you receive the information you need as well as relay information to the patient.

English Spanish Pronunciation
Do you have insurance? ¿Tiene usted seguro médico? tee-ay-nay oo-staid say-goo-row may-dee-koh
I need your insurance card. Necesito su tarjeta de seguro médico. nay-say-see-toe sue tar-hay-tay day say-goo-row may-dee-koh
What type of insurance do you have? ¿Qué tipo de seguro médico tiene? kay tee-po day say-goo-row may-dee-koh tee-ay-nay
What is the policy number? ¿Cuál es el número de la póliza? k'wall ace ale noo-may-row day la po-lee-sah
Your prescription co-pay is ____ dollars. Su seguro requiere que usted paga ____ dólares.
Su copago es ____ dólares.
sue say-goo-row ray-key-ay-ray kay oo-staid pa-gah ____ doe-la-race

sue co-pah-go ace ____ doe-la-race
Any change in your insurance? ¿Algún cambio de seguro médico? all-goonkahm-be-oh day say-goo-row may-dee-koh
We don't accept this insurance. No aceptamos estetipo de seguro. no ah-sape-tah-mohs ay-stay tee-po day say-goo-row
The insurance won't cover this drug. Su seguro médico no paga esta medicina. sue say-goo-row may-dee-koh no pa-gah ay-stah may-dee-see-nah
It only pays for the generic. Solamente paga la forma genérica. so-la-main-tay pa-gah la for-ma hay-nay-ree-kah
Should we fill it without insurance? ¿Debemos surtirla sin seguro? day-bay-mohs sewer-teer-la seen say-goo-row
There's a problem with the insurance. Hay un problema con el seguro. eye oon pro-blay-ma cone ale say-goo-row
We're going to call the company. Vamos a llamar a la compañía de seguro. bah-mohs ah yah-mar ah la koam-pahn-yee-ah day say-goo-row
You need to call the company. Debe llamar a la compañía de seguro. day-bay yah-mar ah la koam-pahn-yee-ah day say-goo-row

In this lesson, you learned how to discuss medical insurance in Spanish. The expressions taught in this lesson can be used for conversations in which you need to obtain patients' information regarding their health insurance.

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Source: This content has been adapted from "Pharmacy Spanish" by Stephanie Langston.