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Meet the Essentials of Managing Conflict author!

Meet the Essentials of Managing Conflict author!

Author: Capella Healthcare
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Welcome to Essentials of Managing Conflict! Meet Solimar Figueroa, Capella's healthcare expert who developed the content for this course.

Solimar Figueroa, PhD, MSN, MHA, BSN, RN, P-PCA

Solimar Figueroa Solimar Figueroa brings 40 years of acute care experience from the Philippines, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Michigan and Florida, USA. She worked in the Operating Room for 25 years. Her leadership experience includes the position of clinical nurse educator, adjunct faculty, OR in-charge, Director in Nursing, Chief Nursing Officer, and Director of a nursing home. She is an ANCC Appraiser, in Nursing Continuing Professional Development and a clinical coordinator for the American Academy for Preceptor Advancement (AAPA).

Dr. Figueroa had presented podium and poster presentations nationally and internationally. Dr. Figueroa was instrumental in developing an evidence-based approach in preceptorship, the Married State Preceptorship Model (MSPM) in transitioning new nurses used nationwide in the nurse residency program. She had written books on preceptorship, orientation, and portfolio, developed a Nursing Leadership Institute (NLI) training bedside nurses for leadership position, and facilitated a system wide transition into a unit-based competency assessment program.