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Meet the Healthcare Quality and Safety author!

Meet the Healthcare Quality and Safety author!

Author: Capella Healthcare
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Welcome to the Healthcare Quality and Safety! Meet Christina Carsello, Capella's healthcare expert who developed the content for this course.

Christina Carsello, DNP, MS, ARNP, NNP-BC

Christina Carsello Dr. Christina Carsello currently enjoys career opportunities such as; educator, clinician and nursing leader. Dr. Carsello has been a neonatal nurse practitioner since 2006, completed her doctoral degree and post-master certificate from Johns Hopkins University in 2016. Her passion resides to improve outcomes within the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit through sustaining lactation for mothers who experienced long term separation from their infants. She has disseminated her expertise through publication and conferences. Since joining Capella University in 2017, Dr. Carsello has taught subject matter from nursing education to quality and safety within the baccalaureate and graduate programs. Prior to Capella University, Dr. Carsello held varied positions of leadership within healthcare organizations throughout her career. When not working, she enjoys being outdoors at the beach, bike riding and spending time with her family and dogs.