Meiosis: Formation of Gametes

Meiosis: Formation of Gametes

Author: Nathan Lampson

This lesson will explore the process of meiosis in developing sperm and egg cells.

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  • Meiosis

    A type of cell division that occurs in sex cells to produce haploid gametes.

  • Spermatogenesis

    The process that forms 4 haploid sperm cells.

  • Oogenesis

    The process that forms a haploid egg cell and a polar body.

  • Diploid

    Cells that contains two sets of each chromosome.

  • Haploid

    The number of chromosomes in the gametes of an organism which is equal to half of the number of chromosomes of somatic cells.

  • Meiosis I

    The first round of cell division in meiosis.

  • Meiosis II

    The second round of cell division in meiosis.

  • Gamete

    A sex cell such as sperm or egg which contains a haploid number of chromosomes.