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Author: Jason Symes

The student will understand the role of the LINK in MELCon writing and be able to write one of their own for their writing assignment.

Practice using links so that your writing and points will be easily understood by your reader.  You will be taken through an example process, then be asked to apply the process to your own work.


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The LINK is perhaps the most difficult component of the MELCon writing style, but its value to the reader can not be over looked.  The LINK explains what your evidence proves about your main idea in one or two concise sentences.

  • Explains how the evidence supports your topic.
  • Should move the reader beyond the Main Idea.
  • Your link is unique, it shows your thought process and why you choose the evidence you selected.


Taking the LINK further!

Taking your LINKS to the next level!  They can do more...if you want them to.


Multiple Links for each piece of Evidence.


The first link should explain what the evidence means. A second link is helpful for connecting the evidence to the main idea. A third link can even be helpful when explaining the significance of the evidence to the writer's thesis.


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Setting the Table

If you were asked a question, you could write your response using the MELCon format to prove to your reader that you really knew what you were talking about.  As a class we are going to address a question together and write some links to help provide some examples of what good links might look like.


Today's Question:  Do you like, "The Extravaganza!!?!" 

First we need a Thesis to Argue.  You can choose to answer in the affirmative or the negative, but regardless our main ideas a going to look like this.  "The Extravaganza!!?! is the best/worst thing to happen to learning in the entire history of education"  However you want your Thesis to look, you should write it down at the top of your paper.

For your topic you may select any ONE of the following potential evidence topics.  After you have selected ONE topic to cover, write it under your thesis statement.  Then develop 3 pieces of evidence from the Extravaganza experience that fit under your topic and help you prove your thesis.




Teacher contact



Level of Support

Interest Level





Introducing....THE LINK!

You have developed a wonderful thesis, a topic of the Extravaganza on which you know plenty, and one good example of evidence that will be used to help support your thesis.


3 Levels of Linkdom (You may include 1,2 or 3 depending on your goals)

1.  Explain what the evidence means.  Remember not all your readers are part of the Extravaganza and won't know first hand about your experience.

2.  Connect the evidence to the main idea.  How does this piece of evidence fit into the main idea of the paragraph?  Show your reader why it belongs here.

3.  Explain the significance of the evidence to the writer's thesis.   How does this evidence fit into the larger picture that the Extravaganza is the best/worst moment in the history of education?


Application of Skills

Once you have your thesis and some evidence for your own project, begin creating links that meet 1,2 or all 3 of the Link possibilities.  Try and remember that the link is all about helping your reader understand your topics or thesis, so the better the link, the happier your reader will be, and the clearer your point is being communicated.


Exit Formative Ticket

Fill out the form below with the thesis, topic, evidence and LINK that you used to demonstrate your understanding of this skill.