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Memo of John Swales “Discourse Communities”

Memo of John Swales “Discourse Communities”

Author: davey jordan

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Read John Swales “Discourse Communities” (PDF on Blackboard) and write a rhetorical analysis of this reading in memo format to your employees (as the director of Human Resources) discussing how we interact with each other in the workplace, outside the workplace, with clients, and with people in the community. Emphasize why this matters and how it affects business (transactions and interactions). You can use the Summary, Analysis, Recommendations sections approach or an adjusted approach to meet your needs. Please ask me if you have questions. Use APA or MLA citation practices and include a References or Works Cited page. Use Times New Roman in 12 point font.


application/pdf iconswales-the-concept-of-discourse-community_better_version.pdf

application/msword iconmemo_sample_and_format.doc

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