Mentos Challenge

Mentos Challenge


Design a new logo and a new packaging scheme for single serving Mentos mints.

You must construct a finished product along with 2 rough sketches of the preliminary design.

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Mentos Challenge 2 Day Lesson


  Mentos challenge 


The Mentos Company has approached your class in designing a new logo and packaging for the Mentos Mint candy.

Your challenge is to design a NEW logo for single serving Mentos mints.  Along with the new logo, Mentos has asked that you also design a new packaging scheme.  The current Mentos packaging is in a cylinder form.

In creating the new packaging for the Mentos Corporation you must place information on the packaging that is required by law. 

This information is:

  1. The name of the product.
  2. Address of the company.
  3. The country of origin.
  4.  The nutritional facts.
  5. Ingredients of the product.
  6. A Universal Product Code.
  7. Any Allergy information.
  8. Net weight of product.

Guide for making the package.

  1. The package must not have excess room.
  2. The package must be able to be placed in boxes for transportation and display.

What is to be turned in for a grade.

You must construct a finished product along with 2 rough sketches of the preliminary design.  Also remember that you are redesigning the logo not copying it from the internet.  All information must be keyed by you, not copied and pasted from the internet.

*Since this is a prototype for the item, you don’t need to print all the information on the package. (Some can be glued on),*

Here is a website for information about Mentos.