Mercantilism is an economic theory:

Mercantilism is an economic theory:

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 Mercantilism is an economic theory: 
not concerned with its gold and silver reserves.
requiring exports to exceed imports to ensure the wealth of the state
requiring imports to exceed exports to ensure the wealth of the state.
demanding merchants to pay high taxes.

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Question 2
  Louis XIV: 
created new ranks of intendants to govern various regions of France.
revoked the earlier Edict of Nantes which curtailed the rights of French Protestants, and caused thousands of Huguenots to emigrate out of France.
established new standards of court etiquette and diminished the power of great nobles.
removed most French bishops from their sees and replaced them with nobles to strengthen Louis' control of the French Catholic Church.

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Question 3
  The Thirty Years' War: 
was confined to specific battlefields.
devastated much of Germany and caused a loss of population.
was fought according to chivalric codes.
was fought mainly in Italy.

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Question 4
  In France, the Protestant minority was known as: 

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Question 5
  The chief reason for the wars of Louis XIV was: 
to reduce the power of the Habsburgs.
for territorial acquisition.
to destroy the commercial superiority of the Dutch.
to gain ports on the Adriatic Sea.

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Question 6
  Philip II and Spain could not defeat: 
the Dutch Republic.
the Holy Roman Empire.
the Ottoman Empire.

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