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MERS Powerpoint-US Based tutors only please

MERS Powerpoint-US Based tutors only please

Author: david utsey

Click link for download: 

4 Slide powerpoint with information highlighted only 

ü  Create a 4 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that includes the followingdetails within speaker’s notes: 

Subject: Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS)

 ü  Describe the immunological response to the disease.

·         How the immune system responds to the disease.

·         How long does the immune system take to respond?

·         What immune systems are involved in fighting the disease?

·         Medical treatments including: modern medicine or drug therapies,vaccines, cutting-edge research, the course of the disease and its progress.

ü  What is the typical fate of the individual who catches this disease?

Additional requirements:

ü  Fully annotate (including pictures) with the proper citations embedded in the presentation using APA format including a reference slide using correct APA format.

ü  At least two (2) recent (less than five (5) years old) research articles in bibliography and cited in presentation in APA format.

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