Metabolic Effects of Growth Hormone

Metabolic Effects of Growth Hormone

Author: Aaron Mullally

- know what the function of growth hormone is

- know how growth hormone carries out its function

- know how growth hormone spares proteins

- know that growth hormone creates a diabetic effect on the body

- know why it is important to utlizie fatty acids as a primary energy source while synthesizing proteins

This packet covers the function of growth hormone and specifically how it influences our metabolism.

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Overview of Growth Hormone

Growth hormone is the only pituitary hormone that directly effects the body's tissues. Remember that all other hormones are called trophic hormones, hormones that regulate/control glandular activity in order to influence our metabolism and homeostasis. Growth hormone lives up to its name, it stimulates growth. It does this by altering the metabolic effects of our cells. Growth hormone essentially effects the activity of all cells within the body. Early studies performed on rats were done by infusing growth hormone into them. The rats not only increased in overall mass but when dissected all of their organs increased in size as well.

Growth hormone essentially causes cells to grow by increasing their rate of protein production. In order to increase the rate of protein synthesis a few specific effects have to be carried out:

  • overall increase in protein synthesis by the cell
  • increased transport of amino acids into the cell
  • increased transcription and translation by the cell
  • increased rate of lipolysis (fat is a better fuel)
  • decreased intake of glucose into the cell; glucose sparing effects

The video below elaborates on these effects more in depth

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Metabolic Effects of Growth Hormone

This video covers the metabolic effects of growth hormones on our tissues, protein synthesis, and on cartilage and bone growth.

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