Author: Erin Schnuit


1. After watching the music videos, students will be able to identify metaphors as they appear in pop culture.


2.By the end of this lesson, students will be able to identify metaphors as they appear in the poems "The Garden Hose," by Beatrice Janosco and "Subway," by Etsuro Saxamato.


3. After watching the first video, students will demonstrate learning by creating three object metaphors based on five different images.

Students will be introduced to Metaphors through music videos. They will then view a screencast presentation that reinforces the ideas set forth in the video. In the narrated slideshow, two poems will be presented. Students will be instructed to pause the presentation and explain the metaphors (only a few sentences for each). At the end of the screencast, five images will appear and students will be instructed to write a metaphor that relates to three of their choice. Poem explanations and object metaphors will be brought to class the following day to assess student learning.

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Learning about Metaphors

This slideshow goes over the definition of Metaphors and provides examples. An assignment is also presented in the slideshow that should be brought to class tomorrow.

Source: Images courtesy of: lipstickalley.com, birdclubsva.org, hnsa.org, nickduffel.com, bayoupreps.com

Metaphors in Pop Culture

This is the chorus of Katy Perry's "Firework." Notice how she uses Firework to explain the person she's singing about. What do you think she might be saying about that person by calling them a firework? Maybe they are powerful, colorful, beautiful, etc.

Source: Courtesy of ImCheEYiP on YouTube.com

Another example of metaphors in pop culture

This is a cover of David Guetta's "Titanium" by Madilyn Bailey. Just like you did with Katy Perry's song, take a look at the major metaphor of the song, which also happens to be the title as it was in the other case as well. She describes herself as Titanium. Obviously this girl is not made of metal, so what does she aim to tell listeners about herself by associating herself with that material?

Source: Compliments of Madilyn Bailey via YouTube.com