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Meteorology (Weather) - Unit 5 (Chapters 17 - 21)

Meteorology (Weather) - Unit 5 (Chapters 17 - 21)

Author: Nate Holz

Chapter 17: The Atmosphere

Chapter 18: Moisture, Clouds, and Precipitation

Chapter 19: Air Pressure and Wind

Chapter 20: Weather Patterns and Severe Storms

Chapter 21: Climate

This lesson looks at the 5 chapters in our book that discuss weather. This lesson uses a combination of powerpoint and video clips to help us understand weather.

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Unit 5 Assignments (The Weather)

Here are your assignments for our unit on the weather (chapters 17-21):

Each assignment, for the most part, is numbered in the order they will be used in class.

Source: Bob Grove

The Atmosphere (Chapter 17)

My own video cast on the atmosphere. I look at the definitions of weather and climate, the composition of the atmosphere, the height and structure of the atmosphere, and how pressure/temperature changes with changing altitude levels.

Source: Bob Grove

From Educreations - The Atmosphere

My first lesson - The Atmosphere, Educreation type.

Source: Bob Grove

Eureka! - Conduction

I use this video as my notes on heat transfer; conduction.

Eureka! - Convection

I use this video as my notes on heat transfer; convection

Eureka! - Radiation

I use this video as notes on heat transfer; radiation

Why Temperatures Vary...

A look at the factors that influence temperature in the atmosphere from place to place.

Source: Bob Grove

How Clouds Form (Chapter 18)

This powerpoint looks at the role of humidity, relative humidity, dew point, and adiabatic lapse rates the formation of clouds. The ppt also looks at the four main ways air is lifted; lifting air is needed to cool it to the dew point and create clouds.

Source: Bob Grove

How Clouds Form

Learn how clouds are formed and watch an experiment to make a cloud using liquid nitrogen. Find out how scientists classify clouds according to their altitude and how clouds reflect and absorb light, giving them different colors.

Source: MyNasaData

Learn about the interactions between the Sun and clouds that impact the weather we experience on Earth.

Source: Nova - PBS

Cloud Types (Chapter 18)

Source: Bob Grove

Air Pressure and Wind

A ppt that looks at atmospheric pressure, local wind patterns, cyclones and anticyclones, as well as global wind and pressure patterns.

Source: Modified from: Copyright © 2008 John Wiley and Sons Publishers Inc.

Air Masses and Fronts (Chapter 20)

A ppt that looks at air masses and fronts; what is an air mass, and what happens as it moves over an area?

Source: modified from unknown author

Hurricanes & Tornadoes

Source: Bob Grove

SciShow: Why Do Tornadoes Hate America?

Hank Green on tornadoes, enough said...

Source: SciShow and Hank Green

SciShow: What Happens if You're Struck by Lightning?

Hank Green again...

Source: SciShow and Hank Green