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Meter stick reaction time lab

Meter stick reaction time lab

Author: Michael Steger

This benchmark lab is intended for you to explore the reaction time it takes to grasp a meter stick being dropped between fingers.  In one trial of 10 drops you will create the control data.  In the control data you and your partner will not have any distractions or enhancements while dropping or catching the meter stick.  This is your control data, the data you will compare to your experimental results.

When gathering the experimental data you will be changing something in the drop.  The change may be something to increase or decrease response time, BUT you must have something in your hypothesis that gives you an educated guess or insight into why the change will affect the response time.

Files of the lab write up template, the directions and some other help are provided.

NOTE: This is the first time I'm using SOPHIA.  Let me know what you think.  ALSO, don't be afraid to use Edmodo to bounce ideas off each other and to share your insights.

The final version of this lab write-up will be used as a benchmark assessment for the scientific method.  You are expected to use or follow the template provided.  You are also expected to show your data in a bar graph using a spreadsheet program like Excel, Google Spreadsheet or other online tools.  Remember, online tools often don't save data so don't use them unless your have everything (data) ready.


Edmodo would be an excellent way to share ideas.

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Brief overview while experimenting with the video

Some additional directions.

Source: me

Meter stick response times directions

Directions for the meter stick response times as shown in class.


TEMPLATE example of Meter Stick Response Lab

This is an example only. Check your Google Doc for a share file. You may make a copy of it to edit, write and insert graphs.

For those of you in my class, I'll share the lab write-up as an attachment in the science calendar.