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Microscope Basics

Microscope Basics

Author: Caitlin Meador

By the end of this activity students will be able to: 

  • Label a microscope diagram correctly. 
  • Use a virtual microscope to identify biologic and abiotic organisms. 
  • Understand the significance of the microscope through biological history. 
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Start Here


Progress through this assignment by following the following order.  

1.  Complete the online Microscope History Lab. 

2.  Read through the Microscopes Basics Power Point by T. Trimpe at the              Science Spot

3.  Complete the Microscopes Basics Worksheet and submit via Moodle. (also       by the Science Spot)

4.  Complete the Microscope online Lab for Protists. 

Microscope Basics

Source: T. Trimpe from

Microscope History Research

Follow the instructions on this pdf to research the history of the Microscope.


Source: T. Trimpe

Microscope Basics Worksheet


Source: Created by T. Trimpe at

Protist Online Lab

Students: Use this link to work with the pdf document. Just copy and paste into your web browser.


Source: Retrieved from Made by Suzan Moyer