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Middle School: Apostle Creed Part 5

Middle School: Apostle Creed Part 5

Author: Kaitlyn Peterson
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We hope you enjoyed service this morning! This week we will focus
on part 5 of the Apostle's Creed. Help your kids memorize the section
with the activities below. Talk to them about its meaning and why we
believe it. When your kids have learned a portion of the creed please
send us a video shot in landscape (horizontal) to
so we can add it into the video for the end of the series! Have fun!

Part 5:

I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy Catholic Church

The Holy Spirit

Watch the video above about the Holy Spirit. Discuss the questions building off the discussion questions to have a conversation with your kids about the Holy Spirit. I recommend reading through the questions first before watching the video and stopping it to answer each question. Adjust for age when asking the questions if need be.

Video Discussion Questions:
When does the Bible start to talk about the Holy Spirit?
What is Ruakh? Why does the Bible use this word?
How does the Bible describe the Holy Spirit? How is this different then the way we think of God and Jesus?
What are some of the spiritual gifts that the Holy Spirit gives to the people mentioned in this video?
What is the new act that the Holy Spirit will give people?
How does this relate to Jesus? How does Jesus use the Holy Spirit?
Where is the Holy Spirit today? How is it working today?

The Church


What is the Apostle Creed?

Watch the video and discuss with your kids what the Apostle's Creed is and why we say it as Christians. What does it mean to their own faith?