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Middle School: Apostle Creed Part 6

Middle School: Apostle Creed Part 6

Author: Kaitlyn Peterson
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We hope you enjoyed service this morning! This week we will focus on part 6 of the Apostle's Creed. Help your kids memorize the section with the activities below. Talk to them about its meaning and why we believe it. When your kids have learned a portion of the creed please send us a video shot in landscape (horizontal) to by TOMORROW so we can add it into the video for the end of the series! Have fun!

Below you will find several activities to choose from for your kids or your more than welcome to do them all! I pray this time together teaching your kids about sin and forgiveness provides opportunities to help them deepen their faith.

What is Sin?

Discussion questions for the video as you watch:
What words are translated for sin? Hebrew? Greek?
What does Khata mean?
What is sin?
What does each half of the 10 commandments tell us about sin?
Why are humans bad judges of moral failure and success?
What is the Bible trying to tell us about sin?
What does Paul say about Hamartia?
Why is the story of Jesus such good news for us?
Why did Jesus die for our sins?

Nothing but the Blood of Jesus Hymn discussion

This song is an old hymn but its truths are simple but important. Listen to the song together. Ask your kids to pick out the important theological parts of the song. What parts do they like most? Why? If this is a favorite song of yours explain to them why. Open up the discussion to what other hymns you may enjoy and listen together. Most any song can be found on

Nothing But the Blood Hymn

Here is the original sheet music for the hymn.


Forgiveness Activity and Discussion