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Middle School: Serving God and Others

Middle School: Serving God and Others

Author: Kaitlyn Peterson
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Jesus Served

Questions to answer as you watch: Why did Jesus serve? (He loved us)
What should our service look like?
Why does serving and love go hand in hand?
What was Jesus' second reason he served?
Why did Jesus teach through example?
What was Jesus 3rd reason for serving?
What was Jesus doing by serving?

Anyone can do big things, now it is your turn!

Below is a link to a story of a boy in our own community who took this crisis and turned it into a way to serve others.  Everyone has ideas and everyone can do something!

Be the church and find a way to do something for your own community, family, or friends. Jesus gave us the perfect example of how to serve. So today put together a plan on how you will serve others during this crisis. Think big or small, but think of something you can do yourself, make a poster with the following:

Who are you going to serve?

What is the need you are fulfilling?

How are you going to serve?

What can others do to help you serve?

Once you have come up with your idea and made your poster take pictures of what you made and yourself doing your act of service. We will post them so the church can see what you are doing! If you have ideas the church can help you do please send those too! send them to Kaitlyn Peterson at