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Students will gain a basic understanding of what a midrash is and read a midrash, that will be used in class the following day.

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What is Midrash?

A Midrash is a story that expands on text from the Tanach.    These stories have been  written by rabbis over the years, to help interpret and explain the words of the Tanach.  

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Should We Create Humans in Our Image?

Below is a Midrash from Parsha Beresheit. Please read the Midrash carefully and think about:

What types of comments might have been heard if the angels each wore a "different colored hat," instead of love, righteousness, peace, truth.

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6 Hats

Here are the descriptions of the 6 Hats

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ASSIGNMENT: Complete and bring to class




  1. How did the angels divide themselves?




  1. Which angels joined each “team” or “side”?





  1. In the end, did Hashem listen to either side?