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Author: melanie mailman

Students will gain a basic understanding of what a midrash is and read a midrash, that will be used in class the following day.

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What is Midrash?

A Midrash is a story that expands on text from the Tanach.    These stories have been  written by rabbis over the years, to help interpret and explain the words of the Tanach.  


Should We Create Humans in Our Image?

Below is a Midrash from Parsha Beresheit. Please read the Midrash carefully and think about:

What types of comments might have been heard if the angels each wore a "different colored hat," instead of love, righteousness, peace, truth.


6 Hats

Here are the descriptions of the 6 Hats


ASSIGNMENT: Complete and bring to class




  1. How did the angels divide themselves?




  1. Which angels joined each “team” or “side”?





  1. In the end, did Hashem listen to either side?