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Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping

Author: April Jackson
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Tutorial Mind Mapping


What is is a tool that is used in education to describe to assist with the “brainstorming’ process. Users can make put ideas in the bubbles and it will create a colorful bubble map that can be used to organize and structure thoughts. The tool is ideal for projects and can serve as a map and or diagram.


What are benefits of has a lot of benefits. One of most important benefits is is an online resource that can be used in an educational setting. It is a wonderful brainstorming tool.

 Users can create bubble maps and diagrams that can be inserted into various projects. can be used to represent ideas, task, or concept the mind can imagine. can enhance learning and thinking, helps communicate effectively, and using this tool makes things more clear and visible.


Ways to use

Deliver presentations and lectures traditionally and online.
Utilizing alternatives by organizing information online through mind mapping.
Can be used to help with student progress