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Minnesota's Geologic Story

Minnesota's Geologic Story

Author: Thomas Smith

Students will understand more of Minnesota's complex geologic story through researching 6 common rock types found throughout the state. They will demonstrate digital research skills to collect images and information from outside the classroom about their chosen rocks. They will practice communication skills as they share information they have learned with other learners in class.

Go to the following link:

At this site each of the rocks in the image above are hot…real hot!! If you click on them, a little bit of information will pop up to get you started. I am looking for you to find out more information about Six of these rocks and then create a Prezi about your efforts.

Specifically I want to see all of this for each rock group:

  1. Age of each type of rock…your Prezi should follow this order…from oldest to youngest
  2. Where it is found in Minnesota…you might want to use one Minnesota map and come back to it with each rock group. The shaded relief map here might be of help to you…or you might choose this one.
  3. Two images…one close up of a sample and one showing a typical outcrop of this rock or an application of this rock for some purpose.
  4. Three interesting bits of information about each rock…could be of historical or economic importance.
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