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Author: Rebecca Gibson

To inform viewers of the features offered by is a budget calculating application that teaches the user about creating a budget and setting financial goals. It's a great tool for anyone to use and learn.

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If you're already financially savvy, you may have investments to log here. You can keep track of those or get advice on beginning your investments.


Mint also gives you the ability to set your own financial goals. They give goal suggestions, but it's very personalized to your budget and your wants/needs.



This feature enables personalized budget setting and viewing. It links with your accounts to let you know how much you're spending in each area. You can limit that amount and set features to inform you when you're close to budget lines. Great way to visually see where your money is going.


The Bills feature allows you to register all of your bills and set alerts to remind you to pay them.


The accounts feature allow you to log into all accounts that are online accessible and view their statuses all in one place. This is a great way to be able to see your checking, savings, and debt all in one.


The alerts feature gives you updates on your situation, reminds of a bills to pay, let's you know when your deposits are available, etc. A great way to take a quick glance at your due dates and pressing issues.