MIS 535 Final Exam 1

MIS 535 Final Exam 1

Author: Christine Farr


2. (TCO B) Given a present day business, show how the business uses information systems to be better than their competitors. Define the criteria that the business used to measure their business to their competitor. Use Porter’s competitive forces model, the value chain model, e-commerce, or revenue models. (Points : 50)
3. (TCO C) Evaluate the tools, technology, and trends that make databases useful to corporations. Provide an example of a corporate database and how your tools and technology would be used in the organization of your choice. (Points : 50)
4. (TCO D) An organization wants you to overhaul its connectivity both domestic and abroad. Describe in detail how you would approach topics, such as infrastructure, what topology, communication, wireless, and security. (Points : 50)
5. (TCO E) Provide a high-level description of a corporate information system. Evaluate the issues involved with managing information systems, resources, and processes within a corporation. Explain which components within the proposed corporate information system would be hardware or software. (Points : 50)
6. (TCO F) Provide a plan that addresses planned organizational change using judicious automation, rationalization of procedures, business process redesign, and constructive paradigm shifts that improve the way business is managed. (Points : 50)
7. (TCO G) How have social, ethical, and political issues been abused due to nonsecured information systems? What can an organization do to secure and control their information systems? (Points : 50)

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