MIS 535 Final Exam 2

MIS 535 Final Exam 2

Author: Christine Farr


1. (TCO A) Looking at global organizations, use present day examples to show how information technology has enhanced business processes and the management of these processes globally

2. (TCO B) Provide a business scenario that explains how information systems are used for strategic advantages by an organization. Include the business processes and relationships between information systems and the organizations it serves

3. (TCO C) Evaluate the tools, technology, and trends that make databases useful to corporations. Provide an example of a corporate database and how your tools and technology would be used in the organization of your choice.

4. (TCO D) Define a business scenario, and explain the difficulties and management issues as they pertain to wired and wireless communication networks.

5. (TCO E) Describe a present day organization and how they achieved operational excellence. Describe the tools, such as supply chain management, customer relationship management, and other enterprise applications, and how they help to achieve operational excellence

6. (TCO F) How can present day organizations move from the current situation to a new digital firm building and an information system that will allow the company to grow and be able to respond to the quickly changing digital marketplace?
7. (TCO G) Discuss the social, ethical, and political issues that an information system raises in an organization. How can an organization ensure that these issues are not abused? Please give examples of present day organizations that have tackled this issue and the techniques that were used

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