MIS 535 Week 2 Course Project

MIS 535 Week 2 Course Project

Author: brown wood

MIS 535 Week 2 Course Project



Provide an opportunity for students to apply a technology solution to a business problem in a specific company or organization that adds value to the organization.

The Course Project’s focus is on the use of technology to solve specific business problems. Although the list of technologies that you can choose for your Course Project is vast, the following are some current technical topic suggestions appropriate for specific business sectors that you could consider in solving your business problem.

Some Ideas to Identify a Business Problem

Lack of competitiveness or profitability

Inefficient processes

Slow product development

Obsolete IT organization and technologies

Poor corporate communications

Ongoing personnel issues


Some Benefits it Will Provide the Organization

Financial—profitability, revenue, product costs

Improved competitiveness

Better marketing positioning

Efficiency in key processes, for example, sales, manufacturing, and development

Improved product or service quality

Improved product development

Better and more accurate support turnaround

Preparation for the future—how is the organization positioning itself for future growth

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