MIS 589 Week 8 Final Exam

MIS 589 Week 8 Final Exam

Author: Christine Farr


1) (TCO A) A ___ defines the format and the order of messages exchanged between 2 or more communicating entities.
2) (TCO A) Which standards body is responsible for the development of local area network (LAN) standards?
3) (TCO A) The IP protocol works at which layer of the OSI model?
4) (TCO B) Examples of application layer protocols include:
5) (TCO B) Which of the following media can best withstand harsh environmental conditions?
6) (TCO B) Which of the following media has the lowest error rates and the highest transmission speeds?
7) (TCO B) Synchronous transmission
8) (TCO B) Which of the following is not a protocol used at the application layer?
9) (TCO C) A dedicated server LAN
10) (TCO C) Media access control refers to
11) (TCO E) A managed device is a
12) (TCO G) The internet-Standard management framework consists of ____ parts.?
1) (TCO A) Suppose that all of the network sources send data at a constant bit rate. Would packet-switching or circuit-switching be more desirable in this case? Why?
2) (TCO B) What are the strategic business advantages and disadvantages of host-based networks versus client-server networks? Provide examples to support your position.
3) (TCO B) In choosing the application architecture, an application developer will likely draw on one of the two predominant architectural paradigms used in modern network applications. List them and describe the characteristics of each one.
4) (TCO C) Establishing a corporate network is a key requirement for any large organization. The challenge is to provide a secure, reliable, and cost-effective solution. One of the possibilities is the VPN, virtual private network. Explain how VPN services work and what their advantages and disadvantages are.
5) (TCO E) Viruses and worms are issues that any networking professional must face. Compare and contrast viruses and worms. Be specific.
6) (TCO E) List and describe four desirable properties of secure communication.
7) (TCO F) List and describe at least 3 ways that a network administrator might benefit from having appropriate network management tools?
8) (TCO G) Suppose your organization was contemplating switching from a host-based architecture to client-server. What problems would you foresee? Be specific and describe in detail.

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