Mis rutinas

Mis rutinas

Author: sara cartagena
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Introduction to Psychology

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Y no hago mas nada

Watch this video that is explaining the routine from somebody.

Activities for the next day in class: Verbs in reflexive form

“A diario yo …” 
Task: The school has asked the Spanish Club to create a page on the school Website. Club members want to post three Photo Stories narrating what students do on a daily basis to stay healthy. They want to hold a competition to select the Photo Stories to be posted online, and they have asked your class to enter the competition. 
These are their guidelines.   In your Photo Story:  
1. You have to use pictures of yourself. 
2. You need to narrate at least 12 activities that are a part of your daily routine (seven of them must involve the use of the reflexive). 
3. The narration must be voice recorded, not typed. 
*** Instructions/Tutorials for using Photo Story can be provided if needed.  Please, ask teacher for an instruction sheet for Photo Story 3.