Mitosis Overview
Next Generation: HS.LS1.4 NGSS

Mitosis Overview

Author: Aaron Mullally

This lesson will identify the the function of mitosis and describe why it is an important process in our bodies.

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Notes on "Mitosis Overview"


(00:00-01:07) Key Terms

(01:08-03:49) Interphase

(03:50-05:10) Prophase

(05:11-06:07) Metaphase

(06:08-07:12) Anaphase

(07:13-08:42) Telophase and Cytokinesis


Source: Aaron M

Terms to Know
  • Anaphase

    The third phase of mitosis in which sister chromatids are separated and pulled by spindle fibers toward opposite poles of the cell.

  • Cell Cycle

    Describes the events that occur from the time a cell is formed until it divides.

  • Centromere

    The point at which sister chromatids are attached to one another.

  • Cleavage Furrow

    The pinching off of the plasma membrane to produce two new cells.

  • Cytokinesis

    The end result of mitosis in which two diploid daughter cells are produced which are identical to the parent cell.

  • Daughter Cells

    The name for cells produced by the process of mitosis.

  • Diploid

    Cells that contain two copies of each chromosome.

  • G1 Phase

    The portion of interphase in which a cell grows in size.

  • G2 Phase

    The portion of interphase in which a cell makes final preparations for cell division.

  • Interphase

    A phase of the cell cycle in which a cell carries out its normal functions; includes all parts of a cell’s life except for when the cell is dividing.

  • Metaphase

    The second phase of mitosis in which chromosomes line up on the metaphase plate and are attached at the centromere to spindle fibers.

  • Prophase

    The first phase of mitosis in which chromosomes are condensed, the nuclear membrane breaks down and centrioles begin to move toward opposite poles.

  • S Phase

    The portion of interphase in which a cell’s DNA is copied.

  • Sister Chromatid

    A duplicate of an original chromosome produced during mitosis.

  • Telophase

    The final phase of mitosis in which the plasma membrane begins to pinch off and the nuclear membrane begins to reform. Chromosomes begin to return to their thread-like state.