MKT 100 WEEK 11 QUIZ 5

MKT 100 WEEK 11 QUIZ 5

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Head nodding, winking, hand gestures, and arm motions are all forms of ____ communication.

Pioneer promotion is most likely to be used during the ____ stage of the product life cycle.

The process of putting one's thoughts (meaning) into signs (symbols) is called

During the introduction stage of the product life cycle, which type of promotion would a firm focus on?

All of the following are examples of publicity-based public relations tools except

Radio and television signals as well as ink on the paper of a magazine or newspaper are all considered

A consumer contest is an example of

The message that a source originally encodes and the meaning a receiver ultimately decodes

A person, group, or organization that has a meaning it intends and attempts to share with a receiver or an audience is a

Paid personal communication that seeks to inform customers and persuade them to purchase products in an exchange situation is

The physical arrangement of the illustration, headline, subheadline, body copy, and the signature is called the

An advantage of the arbitrary approach for determining the advertising appropriation is that it is

The total amount of money a marketer allocates for advertising for a specific time period is the

An advertising platform is the

The percentage of consumers in the target audience actually exposed to a particular advertisement in a stated period of time is the definition of

Advertising that lets consumers know that an established brand still offers certain uses, characteristics, and advantages is ____ advertising.

When a company promotes its position on a public issue, this is specifically referred to as ____ advertising.

An ad's ____ is designed to attract readers' attention and develop interest so that they will read the entire advertisement.

____ is communication in news story form about an organization or its products that is transmitted through a mass medium at no charge.

Advertising that focuses on stimulating demand for a product category is called ____ advertising.

During the personal selling process, a salesperson, if possible, should handle objections when

The ____ stage of the personal selling process is when the salesperson asks the prospect to buy the product.

The salesperson must attract and hold the prospect's attention, stimulate interest, and spark a desire for the product during the

The step of the personal selling process in which a salesperson contacts a potential customer is called

A major disadvantage of personal selling is that it

A temporary price reduction to resellers for purchasing specified quantities of a product is

Which of the sales force compensation methods is easy to administer, yields more predictable selling expenses, and provides sales managers with a large degree of control over salespeople?

Order-getting activities are divided into two categories:

Creating a favorable impression and developing rapport with prospective customers is a critical part of the ____ step of personal selling.

____ are designed to identify the customers called on and to present detailed information about interaction with those clients.

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