MKTG-320 Week 8 Final Exam

MKTG-320 Week 8 Final Exam

Author: Christine Farr


MKTG-320 Market Research Week 8 Final

1. (TCO 1) Explain the of three types of marketing information. (Points : 22) 

2. (TCO 2) The international marketing research process is more complex than that of a domestic research process. Please explain with examples. (Points : 22) 

3. (TCO 3) In determining a location for a convenience copying center, what kinds of secondary data should be available for each proposed location? (Points : 22) 

4. (TCO 4) Provide examples where a product audit would be much more suitable. Provide examples where a Nielsen store audit would be more useful. (Points : 22) 

5. (TCO 5) Explain the two types of consumer purchase panels. (Points : 22) 

6. (TCO 6) Explain the observational method, both pros and cons. (Points : 22) 

7. (TCO 7) Explain the practical problems encountered in using a sales response criterion for budgeting and evaluation purposes. (Points : 22)

8. (TCO 8) What is a disguised question and when is it normally used? (Points : 22) 

9. (TCO 9) Define simple random sampling and systematic sampling, including an example of use. (Points : 22) 

10. (TCO 10) Define penetration pricing. (Points : 22)

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