MKTG 522 Course Project

MKTG 522 Course Project

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MKTG 522 Course Project

This is an Integrated Marketing Communications ( IMC) plan.

It focuses on using multiple communications strategies and tools to change a product’s or service’s “Brand Image”. It’s goal is to give consumers a new and up-dated perception of its reputation and traits, and to enhance its profitability among its targeted customers.

Your Initial Step:

Select a brand that you feel strongly about - you are going to live with it for the next 2 months.

•        Select –

?      An existing 'generally-known' brand ... a 'product or service' that is nationally known by nearly all consumers, and one that you are familiar with.

?      A brand that you feel has an obvious marketing problem that can be helped by a new IMC plan to change and/or enhance its consumer image and appeal, and to expand its target audience (For example, the brand may be ‘organic’ but very few consumers know it; and because this is a growing market, there may be considerable growth potential that could be realized with a campaign that creates organic awareness, consumer interest & desire, and gets action).

•        Do NOT select –

?      A brand which is used in our course text book or website as a marketing example or case study.

?      A brand which has been used as a project topic at Keller Graduate School by you or by another student at any time during the past 3 years.

Next, use the belowBrand Analysis & Revision Chartas your planning guide to gain an understanding of (and control over) your Brand’s current traits and your Brand’s ‘aspirational’ traits. You must clearly identify how you will change or adjust each Brand Trait to attract the appropriate future target audience.

 Then work to gather more information, more understanding, and to create an exciting new Brand Image for your week #4, #7, a7d #8 deliverables..

Your Required Project Deliverables:

The Course Project is Comprised of 4 Deliverables:

·       Week 1: Topic Proposal Form

·       Week 4: Preliminary Draft

·       Week 7: Final Report

·       Week 8: Final Slide Presentation

NOTE: At the beginning of each of the deliverable’s assignment week, you will receive detailed instructions regarding the deliverable. And also, a detailed Course 

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