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MLA Bibliographies

MLA Bibliographies

Author: Ms. K
  1. This packet should help a learner seeking to understand how to document sources and who is confused about how to write a bibliography. It will explain how to cite sources in an MLA bibliography.

  2. Explain how to format an MLA bibliography.

  3. Explain how to cite a variety of common sources in MLA style including books, articles, websites, etc.

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How to Format a Bibliography.

One quick thing to remember: If you are writing a bibliography you should include detailed information about all the sources that were used to write your paper/essay, even if you are not citing them in the paper. If, however, you are writing a works cited each source you cite in the paper must appear in your works cited list; likewise, each entry in the works cited list must be cited in your paper/essay.

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How to Cite a Book

To site a book in MLA format, just follow this formula:
Lastname, Firstname. Title of Book In Italics. Place of Publication: Publisher, Year of Publication. Medium of Publication.

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How to Cite a Website

To cite a source just follow this formula:
AuthorLastName, AuthorFirstName. "Title of the Article: Unless You Are Citing a Whole Website Then Skip This." Name of Site In Italics. Name of sponsor or institution affiliated with the site, date of resource creation. Medium of publication. Date of access.

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How to Cite Articles

Citing things is really pretty easy... just follow the formula below.  Skip what you don't have and continue on.



Author(s). "Title of Article." Title of Periodical Day Month Year: pages. Medium of publication. Date of access of you found it online.


Author(s). "Title of Article." Title of Journal Volume.Issue (Year): pages. Medium of publication. Date of access if you found it online.


There are many online tools to help you build your works cited, and these work great!.  When using them just be sure of two things:

  1. Double check their work.  Often times they will get titles of article and websites mixed up or will not find sponsors.  Just check for everything.  
  2. Be sure that the tool you are using is using the most up-to-date version of the MLA Guidelines.