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MLA bibliographies

MLA bibliographies

Author: Kathy Hanley
  1. This packet should help a learner seeking to understand how to document sources and who is confused about how to write a bibliography. It will explain how to cite sources in an MLA bibliography.

  2. Explain how to format an MLA bibliography.

  3. Explain how to cite a variety of common sources in MLA style including books, articles, websites, etc.

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MLA Works Cited Page

In the Modern Language Association (MLA) system of citiation, a bibliography is called Works Cited.  Included in Works Cited are all the reference materials that you have cited in your paper. 

Source: Kathleen Hanley

How to Cite on the Works Cited Page

You will find information on how to create the works cited page and how format citations for various resources.

Source: Kathleen Hanley

On line citation creators

Citation Creation Sites


These sites will create works cited notations for you. 

You should register when you begin your research.  Enter the specific information for each source as you research.  Remember to save after each entry.


Source: Kathleen Hanley