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MLA bibliographies

MLA bibliographies

Author: Ryan Howard
  1. This packet should help a learner seeking to understand how to document sources and who is confused about how to write a bibliography. It will explain how to cite sources in an MLA bibliography.

  2. Explain how to format an MLA bibliography.

  3. Explain how to cite a variety of common sources in MLA style including books, articles, websites, etc.

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MLA Bibliography Presentation

This presentation explains various ways to format MLA citations.

NOTE: Even though it is mentioned in the presentation that you should double space a citation whenever you have more than one line, I used single space as a way to save room.

MLA Horror Film

An MLA Video that spoofs horror movies.

Works Cited Exercise

Using what you know about creating a works cited page, do the following with different sources.  Remember to alphabetize them by author and to double space each line. 


1.  A book about the Impressionist painters


2. A short story in an anthology (e.g. Complete Works of Shakespeare)


3.  An article on a website about autism


4. A documentary film from a video or DVD




Source: My Activity

MLA Citation Video

The women in this video instruct you on how to properly write an MLA-style bibliography.

MLA Citation Video: Citing a Textbook

Avoiding Plagiarism