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3 Tutorials that teach MLA Bibliography: Film or Television Sources
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MLA Bibliography: Film or Television Sources

MLA Bibliography: Film or Television Sources

Author: Sydney Bauer

This lesson introduces how to format a film or television program source in an MLA bibliography.

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MLA Bibliography: Film and Television sources


Citing Films or Movies: If citing a particular contribution by a specific individual list them first, not the title. Those names would be listed last name then a comma and then the first name, followed by their role in the film. When simply listing a film or movie without a particular emphasis, list the film or movie by title, then identify Director (Dir.) and then Performers (Perf.). List these names first name first, then last name last, place a comma between each name in the list, and a period between each role. 

Triplets of Belleville. Dir. Sylvain Chomet. Sony Pictures Classics, 2003. Film or DVD 

Citing an Episode in a Television Series

The parts of a citation for an episode of a television program appear in the following order:

“Final Grades.” The Wire. Perf. Jermaine Crawford, Maestro Harrell, and Julito McCullum. HBO, 10 Dec. 2006. DVD. 

  1. Title of episode or segment, enclose in quotation marks
  2. Title of program, italicized
  3. Performers (in order listed in credits, or in order of importance)
  4. Name of network (if any listed)
  5. Call letters and city of the local station (if any listed, some stations, such as HBO, do not technically have a local station carrier, they are a national cable network)
  6. Broadcast date 
  7. Designate the media type

MLA Bibliography: Film or TV sources