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MLA Report Formatting

MLA Report Formatting

Author: Tracy Weber

Students will know how to format a report in MLA style.

In this lesson students will know how to change line spacing to double spacing, remove spacing after paragraphs, change the font and font size, and what to include in a heading for an MLA style report.

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Steps for the Lesson

  1. Watch the video clip
  2. Read the steps
  3. Take the quiz
  4. Create a report of your own on TRUSTWORTHINESS
    1. 2 paragraphs, 3-5 sentences in each paragraphs
    2. Use good writing skills
  5. Raise your hand to show your teacher

Steps for an MLA Style Report

  1. Change Line Spacing to Double: CTRL-2
  2. Remove Spacing after paragraphs: Home tab, Paragraph section, Line Spacing button, click "Remove......."
  3. Change Font to Times New Roman, size 12--Home tab, Font section
  4. Type your name
  5. Type your teacher's name
  6. Type the name of the course
  7. Type the date in military style: 20 January 2014
  8. Center--CTRL-E
  9. Type the title using initial caps (Initial Caps Is Where You Capitalize The First Letter Of Each Word)
  10. Left align--CTRL-L
  11. Hit tab at the start of all paragraphs