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MOAC Active Directory

MOAC Active Directory

Author: Jacob Sorem
  • Configure VirtualBox to host Server 2008 (This tutorial uses Server 2012)
  • Name and Configure Server for Active Directory labs

This packet is intended to assist in using the Microsoft Official Academic Course (MOAC) Lab Manual for the Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Configuration, Exam 70-640.  The Lab manual is designed to be used in a lab setup with a single instructor computer and students working in pairs.  However, with some clever configuration, the labs can be completed using virtualization.

The biggest issue, in my experience, is in the labels used in the manual for the different machines.  Sometimes the label states "xx" for odd numbers, sometimes "odd".  Similarly, "yy" and "even ' are used.  "zz" always means do the configuration on both machines.

I prefer VirtualBox as it offers a few more configuration options, like the ability to isolate the VMs on an internal network.  However, these labs should be easy enough to setup in other virtualization options as well.

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Naming and Configuring the Virtual Machines

Initial configuration of the Virtual Machines, naming:


(The same convention can be used to create Read Only DCs (RODCxx-Odd) and Server Core installations (Coreyy-Even).

Server Naming

This may seem obvious, but those who are not experienced with configuring Windows may stumble with this step. Most often, the computer description is changed instead of the actual name.

Suggestions on Further Configuration.

Here are some more recommendations on configuring the server for lab use, including my recommendation for Automatic Updates. This recommendation is not intended for production situations.

Final Network setup and Snapshots

Here are the last steps to get your servers ready for upcoming labs. This includes network configuration suggestions and taking snapshots.