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MOAC Active Directory 10

MOAC Active Directory 10

Author: Jacob Sorem
  • Use the Group Policy Management Console to configure, link, edit, and delete GPOs
  • Use GPRESULT and RSoP
  • Implement security group filtering
  • Configure WMI filters

In this tutorial we learn more about using Group Policy, GPOs, and tools to help in managing GPOs.  It is important to note how Group Policy affects the environment more through OUs than through security groups.

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Project 10.1, Part A

Before we can work on deploying software to users, we need to create some new OUs, Users, and GPOs.

Project 10..1 Part B and C

In these videos we explore using GPRESULT and RSoP. This is pretty cool!

Project 10.2

In this video we set up and test security group filtering.

Project 10.3

Project 10 Lab Cleanup

You can resort to a previous snapshot, but it can be valuable to go through these cleanup exercises to learn some potentially useful skills.